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Welcome to Masino Mental Health Services

Welcome to Masino Mental Health Services

Welcome to Masino Mental Health ServicesWelcome to Masino Mental Health Services

Neuro & Bio feedback


What is Neuro & Bio Feedback


Bio Feedback

 Biofeedback is the process of becoming aware of various physiological functions using instruments that provide information on the activity of those systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will.  Processes that can be controlled include brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception.

The therapist views the measurements on the monitor, and, through trial and error, identifies a range of mental activities and relaxation techniques that can help regulate the patient's bodily processes. Eventually, patients learn how to control these processes without needing to be monitored. 


Neuro Feedback

EEG biofeedback is a specialized type of biofeedback that measures brain wave activity. It may help patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addiction, anxiety, seizures, depression, and other types of brain 

condition.During a biofeedback session, the therapist attaches electrodes to the patient's skin, and these send information to a monitoring box. 

 Electrodes are attached to various parts of the skull and hooked up to a computer  with installed software that reads activity in those regions and computes an appropriate response delivered back to the brain. The brain then uses that data to adjust itself, in the same way that you might be inspired to fix an-out-of place lock of hair while looking in the mirror. 

As the brain changes, the feedback changes. 

“Think of neurofeedback as a kind of learning and exercise for the brain,”