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Welcome to Masino Mental Health Services

Welcome to Masino Mental Health Services

Welcome to Masino Mental Health ServicesWelcome to Masino Mental Health Services



What is Psychological Testing

What is Psychological Testing

What is Psychological Testing

 Psychological testing refers to the battery of tests administered to evaluate intelligence, adaptive functioning, academic skills, emotional and/or behavioral functioning of your child.

We offer full or partial psychological testing services to children and adolescents 12 months to Adult. 

Children are typically referred for psychological assessment by their parents, pediatrician, school, or inpatient admission program for the evaluation of:

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Emotional Disturbances (depression, anxiety, mood disorders)
  • Psychological factors associated with medical conditions
  • Disruptive behavior disorders
  • Parent-Child relational problems
  • Social problems

Psychological Testing information is often used for:

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP) / 504 or other School Plans
  • Inpatient hospital admission
  • Letters or appeals written for a client
  • Intelligence testing for school admissions (giftedness or disability programs)
  • Consultations with other Professionals
  • Qualifications for State or Government Funding
  • Obtaining Advocacy Services
  • Human Resource Accommodations

The specific test battery varies depending upon the reason for referral, but often includes a structured interview, assessment of intellectual capability, academic achievement measures, objective measures of attention and memory, projective measures, reports by self, parents and teachers, and a school or naturalistic setting observation. 


What to Expect on Testing Day

What is Psychological Testing

What is Psychological Testing

 Preparing your child for testing will minimize anxiety and encourage cooperation.  Before the day of testing, review what the plan is for their day and what they can expect.


 Avoid calling the process “testing,” as this word can cause anxiety in children. 

 Make sure that your child knows they will be meeting alone with our practitioners for much of the process.  You might explain that people learn in different ways and that this process will help parents and teachers understand how the child learns best.

 The day will include a variety of questions, puzzles, drawing, stories, as well as school-based tasks such as math.  While some of the tests may be challenging for your child, it is common for children to have fun with many of the tasks.

Please arrive early for your child to, become familiar with the office, and get settled before starting.To avoid fatigue, breaks will be taken during the testing to allow your child to use the restroom and have a snack.  

We do not assume responsibility for supervising the client before the session, during breaks outside of the testing area, or after the session.  A parent or legal guardian may determine that the client is sufficiently old and responsible to be left unsupervised; however, the parent or legal guardian assumes responsibility for the client’s safety and must remain immediately reachable by cell phone if they elect to leave the office building during a session.

  Please note that some of the psychological tests for children under age 6 require a parent or guardian to be present in the room during the testing administration. 


Assesment Pricing

What is Psychological Testing

Assesment Pricing

 How much will psychological testing cost?

Psychological testing involves administration, scoring, interpretation of tests, as well as a written report to be presented and reviewed with parents. 

The cost of a full psychological assessment is determined by the total number of hours required to complete this evaluation process from the test administration time with your child to the results review session.  Typically, a full assessment will range from $500 – $2500.

Testing administration time also varies according to the selection of tests used in the battery (anywhere from 2- 6 hours total). One or several testing sessions may be scheduled, depending on your age and the number of measures being administered. 

We do take a variety of insurance and will bill your insurance company for the client. Your co-pay or patient responsibility will be due at the time of service.   If you are private pay a partial deposit will be required on the first day of testing, and the remaining balance will be due upon completion of the results review session. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.